Mobility & The Future of Learning

M-Learning is becoming a trend. It has surpassed the limitations of blended & e-learning,  opening a vast and fertile ground for researchers and teachers alike. 

Small devices are replacing text books at full speed. Lightweight tablets and phones have the power to embed any type of online texts, books, comics, documents, radio programs, educational movies or documentaries. Filming, podcasting and texting can be done in short bite-sized micro lessons in which teachers convey their topics in less than 10 minutes letting students work creatively. Applying knowledge and skills through classroom collaboration will also allow them to construct their own understanding of the given task. 

Mobline Learning is the best road to engage students in the process of learning. It´s time to take the plunge.

Victor Gonzalez

Subject leader in IT Competencies in Translation, Interpretation & Applied Languages | IB /IGCSE Language Teacher