What can good teaching learn from Hollywood movies?

Why are Hollywood movies so successful? And what can we learn from them as teachers? Students can experience instruction actively, as if they were watching a good film with a charming effect,  getting lost in emotion. Some tips on how to achieve of this :

1)Technology, special effects

Let´s start by enhancing learning with technology. Present something focused on the pedagogical content and to the point. The combination of clarity and effectiveness help students move forward with the given topic. A clear, understandable short video or presentation with the highest technological quality can be used as an engaging introduction in the lesson. In order to do this, we need a little bit of research or help from a digital tech advisor, a profession on the rise.

2) Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful way to remember ideas. It communicates concepts at an emotional level, imprinting a picture of the given topic on our minds. The importance of a compelling story with plot twists stirs up the desire to know more, visualising ideas in a clearer way. Characters can be introduced in real-life scenarios during the first two minutes of the narrative increasing our empathy with the students. Then the lessons will flow, turning lecture into an immersive activity.

3) Acting

Goood teachers can be great actors. Confident body language and a positive attitude is always a powerful force. Fostering a supportive classroom environment directly affects the learners' mental climate. Students will be successful in your class if they see a chain of positive thoughts coming from you. Be a good actor to create a personal positive approach within the role of the teacher. Solution-oriented teachers exuding energy, humor enthusiasm and gratitude are always the best.

4) Marketing

Use your twitter, linkedln or facebook account to share what you are doing in the classroom. Create a website, or a blog to publish your students work. Write articles, give presentations, increase your network, give away your ideas and learn from other teachers around the world. Look for solid learning environments where the learner knows what to expect.

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

Victor Gonzalez

Subject leader in IT Competencies in Translation, Interpretation & Applied Languages | IB /IGCSE Language Teacher