Why field trips should be mandatory?

Feld trips in schools should be promoted as a classroom supplement.  The advantages for IB  language students to go on a field trip are numerous and account for  the most prominent experience of their formative years. 

Field trip advantages:

  • Students get out of the classroom environment experiencing something new, interactiveengaging and educational.
  • Field trips enhance language learning. Different cultures are better understood, breaking from the routine of the traditional wall-to-wall classroom environment  and fullfilling a variety of learning styles.
  • Educational trips are great for team building and create a strong bond with the students.
  • Episodic memories of  field trips help to boost retention leading to higher levels of achievement.

At the International School of Bremen, we have gone on a 5-day  field trip  to Gredos Center, combining two subjects - Biology & Spanish - and making the most of our experience educational and rewarding. This cross-curricular IB program has not only improved the knowlegde of IB students regarding the biological diversity of the Gredos mountain range but  it has also given them an insight of the Spanish culture, food and traditions of the area.

School field trips are, without a doubt, part of the high quality educational standards required for the IB. Enrich your school student experience. It´s  definitely worth it.

Victor Gonzalez

Subject leader in IT Competencies in Translation, Interpretation & Applied Languages | IB /IGCSE Language Teacher