The 5 Trends in Education for 2015

Education is rapidly changing the way we teach. Are we ready to be on board? These are the trends we can expect for 2015. 

  1. Immediate content here and now:

Millenials demand immediate content here and now. That means a continuous flow of information ranging from news to social networks both in the workplace and in the educational arena. Blocking sites is a lost battle. IP blockers like Tor, JAP or Cyberghost VPN  have turned internet into an anonymous communication system. Let´s get real; students can esily hide from school internet filtering software. There is nothing we can do to avoid it. Education in the classroom is the key factor.

1. Short-form Video: 

Whether it´s Youtube, Vimeo, MSN video or Metacafe, the new generations are used to short-form video content. This explains, in part, the great success of episodes on TV shows. Making videos for educational content has never been so easy. Boost them in your classroom; your students will be thrilled.

2. BYOD: 

Tablets and smartphones are cheaper, faster and more efficient than ever. The era of computer carts on wheels is over. Schools can reduce their expenses by letting students bring their own devices in the classroom. The rule is simple: mobile is here to stay. Take advantage of it.

3.  Subject- specific Teacher Training: 

Huge expensive conferences in fancy venues with imprecise workshops? Schools are rethinking the way we train teachers. Practical on-site subject-specific facilitators can provide high-quality workshops for educators in your school. Find the right presenters. It´s worth it.

4. Mobile Learning: 

From e-learning & Blended Learning to Mobile Learning (M-Learning). Learning Platforms are on the move on any device, any place and at any time. This concepts allows designers to adapt their content to instant user feedback, leading to increased collaboration amongst learners.

5. Experiment & Explore: 

Experimenting in education has to be a top priority in the classroom in order to find new ways to guide students in today´s new world. Creative tasks are key to build up knowledge and integrate them into real life. Children need to be taught to think and not merely to remember. Teachers play an important role to drive this change.


Victor Gonzalez

Subject leader in IT Competencies in Translation, Interpretation & Applied Languages | IB /IGCSE Language Teacher